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Book Review: Macaque Attack by Gareth L. Powell

macaque attackComing to Macaque Attack, I thought I knew what to expect. Monkey action: violence, mayhem, rum, cigars and explosions, I was not disappointed. In each installment Gareth L. Powell has expanded his vision and just when I thought he could not make this series anymore epic he changes the game in such a way that it left me punching the air and swearing. Yes that good.
What I love about this book is the questions that it poses. This book and indeed the whole trilogy have been about what it means to be human and the impact of choices made. Sometimes when reading novels that do this, it can feel like the reader is being lectured to, not with Macaque Attack.
What I would urge would be readers to do is go read this trilogy. Start with Ack Ack Macaque and then read Hive Mind before attempting this one they are a joy to read and I am now sad the journey is over.
I’m really looking forward to Gareth L. Powell’s next book he really is a tremendous storyteller.
One final piece of advice go read The Recollection

Jane Hanmer

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