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    Review: Big

    The Dominion Theatre is a massive space, it is one of the largest auditoriums in London and it is currently home to Big which has a limited run there starring Jay McGuinness in the Tom Hanks role alongside Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud, Matthew Kelly from Stars in Their Eyes and Wendi Peters from Corrie. I saw it on Monday in previews and was pleasantly surprised.  I was expecting something more akin to a jukebox musical so was happy when I saw that it was a score with original songs.  The set is beautiful evoking the suburbs where Josh lives, the city of New York as well as specific interior…

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    I am a lucky cow sometimes.  I entered the lottery for day tickets to go and see Phoebe Waller-Bridge in her sold-out run at Wyndhams Theatre and I only went and 'won' the chance to buy a pair of tickets at £15.  It gets better, I got to the theatre to pick them up and the seats were row A in the stalls pretty much the middle of the front row. So yeah I'm a lucky cow.

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    Torch Song

    It feels like forever since I went to see a play.  I mean it isn’t, but it has felt so much longer.  Torch Song has just opened at the brand new theatre space Turbine Theatre at Battersea – yes next to the power station.   Torch Song is by Harvey Fierstein and it follows the life of Arnold – drag queen his adventures in love in three parts. (International Stud, A Fugue in the Nursery and Widows and Children First)  We saw the cut-down version which ran for 2hr 40 minutes the original version ran for four hours.  This is the first production in this new space the auditorium holds…