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Jane's Great Re-Read: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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The re-read is continuing at a fair pace. The First three in the series have verily flown by but I’ve reached the first in the Door stop phase of the series.  Goblet of Fire is over twice the length of Prisoner of Azkaban so it is always feels a little daunting.
That said this is the pivot point in the series.  This is where Voldemort regains a lot of his powers and I can remember the first time I devoured the novel I just sped through desperate to know what was going to happen next and then dying for the Order of the Phoenix.
I am looking forward to the excitement of the Quidditch World cup, SPEW, the Yule Ball and Hermione being a BAMF.
So bring it, Goblet of Fire I am ready for you.

Talking of Hermione being a BAMF.  I read this piece of clickbait from Buzz feed and punched the air: If Hermione were the main character in Harry Potter

The other piece of joy I saw today :

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