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    The Resurrectionist of Caligo by Wendy Trimboli & Alicia Zaloga

    This debut novel collaboration started life as a letter-writing exercise between two friends who assumed the characters that we find in the novel and what grew out of this pastime. Roger is a struggling student of surgery being somewhat disgraced and most certainly impoverished he has turned to graverobbing to fund his surgical studies.  His childhood sweetheart is Sybilla princess of the Royal family and well out of his league. The world that the authors have created feels like a romanticised Dickensian London with added magic and intrigue and as it so happens right up my alley as a reader. The kingdom has fairy magic which makes for some inventive…

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    Review: Big

    The Dominion Theatre is a massive space, it is one of the largest auditoriums in London and it is currently home to Big which has a limited run there starring Jay McGuinness in the Tom Hanks role alongside Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud, Matthew Kelly from Stars in Their Eyes and Wendi Peters from Corrie. I saw it on Monday in previews and was pleasantly surprised.  I was expecting something more akin to a jukebox musical so was happy when I saw that it was a score with original songs.  The set is beautiful evoking the suburbs where Josh lives, the city of New York as well as specific interior…

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    Book Club Reads: The Anubis Gates Tim Powers

    This what not a great read for me.  It was originally published in 1983 and I felt it hasn’t aged well.  Brendan Doyle is the protagonist but I couldn’t like the character at all. A Gary Stu a male wish fulfilment character who yes had a lot of crap thrown at him but also bounces back implausibly to everything. It felt like it relied on racial stereotypes and this made me uncomfortable as a reader.  I understand that this was published over 35 years ago but the portrayal of ‘gypsies’ really wasn’t great. There was a grand total of one female character of any importance and she was underserved particularly…

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    I am a lucky cow sometimes.  I entered the lottery for day tickets to go and see Phoebe Waller-Bridge in her sold-out run at Wyndhams Theatre and I only went and 'won' the chance to buy a pair of tickets at £15.  It gets better, I got to the theatre to pick them up and the seats were row A in the stalls pretty much the middle of the front row. So yeah I'm a lucky cow.