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September 2014 – Dumpy Little Unicorn
  • anxiety,  Geekery

    On going to a Convention by myself

    I have done something for the first time. I have booked to go to a convention on my own. Of course now I am a little bit terrified, but I did expect it. The con in question is Bristol Con and I understand it isn’t a huge one but I am fearful and excited in equal measure. My main motivation of going is to see Emma Newman talking about stuff. But that is only part of the day. There are hours where I’m not sure where I’ll be going or what I’ll be doing and I won’t have a friend to keep my spirits up. I know I will enjoy…

  • Gaming,  Geekery

    Wherein I come out.

    Ha! I bet that caught your attention.  I am coming out as a board gamer.  Relatively new to the hobby but if my partner and I fancy relaxing and don’t just want to watch TV we play games. I enjoy a range of card and board games ranging from the deceptively simple ones like Carcassonne and Dodekka to the insanely complex Arkham Horror. I’m going to list my top six games and tell you a little about why I like them.   Ticket to Ride Europe from Days of Wonder.   I’ve picked this one over The Original edition as it is a tiny bit more complex than US but no…

  • Fiction,  Writing

    Guerilla writing

    Baby steps.  It is how I am attempting to break the ridiculous block I’ve been facing. I am using some new strange and odd methods to trick my brain into being some kind of productive.  One way has been to use my phone.  I was stuck providing my Dad with tech support the other week .  I was at his house for a number of hours before he got home.  I couldn’t settle to read, my brain was buzzing and fizzing with the idea I had been kept awake the night before. It was a strong image and I needed to realise into words.  I’d started the scene at two in the morning…