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    Shadowrun Character History

    I was born in Cuba back near the start of the century when the world was just starting to turn properly to caca for most.  One of my earliest memories is ma madre telling Eduardo and I just what she had sacrificed to bring us into the world and how we were a disappointment and her shame. I guess I should explain, Eduardo and I were such disappointments as we were both born dwarven and it was just at the time where we were first generation freaks rather than the kids today. We got stared at a lot as children and I could not help but notice their shame. There…

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    Shadowrun Session 1

    Belarmina Alvarez is my Latinx Dwarf based in this Chronicle. She has a long and varied back story which I will write up at somepoint, but here is her experience of the first session with the group. Basically I got home and was so pumped with keen that I had to write up what she got up to. It has given me the inspiration to write some fiction based on what happened and here it is. Content notes she is short tempered and whilst this isn’t explicit there are adult themes.