Jane's Great Re-Read

Jane's Great Re-read of 2015

I’ve been thinking a lot about reading lately. I made a new year’s resolution in 2010 to read more and I think it has been the only resolution I’ve ever managed to keep. Reading has become pretty much essential to my well being and if I can’t focus to read then something is seriously wrong.
Since making that resolution I’ve read 250 books and each book has been one that has been new to me, no re-reads. I had wanted to experience lots of new and I have and it has been wonderful but by that token, I want to revisit some favourites just because they made my heart sore, or because they made me glad to be alive or because they meant something to me.
I’m feeling really reflective, I want to go over some titles again, I need to because I’m seeking a variety of things: comfort, hope, renewal and a myriad of things I want to feel again from various authors.
And because I have to document what I read, I have already created my great re-read Shelf on GoodReads.
What will I be re-reading? Whatever I feel drawn to and will do so without judgement on it’s merits as literature or whether its pulpy.
Will I be just be re-reading? Hell no, there are so many books coming out from authors that I love that I will be reading lots of new, I’ll just be interspersing re-reads with new adventures and hope that it will work out for me.
Join me in re-reading some things: I’m going to make a monthly list of what I want to re-read and I’ll do some thoughts on whether revisiting these stories were a good idea and do they mean as much to me now as they did then?

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