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Jane's Great Re-Read: Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett

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Wyrd Sisters, the next in the Granny Weatherwax sequel.  This is where we get all Shakespearean as Terry Pratchett takes on the Scottish Play with a good dollup of humour at all theatre.
This is where Granny comes into her own as part of the coven with Magrat the Maiden, Nanny Ogg the Mother and Granny as well the other one.
This was my first Discworld Novel and as such it does feel rather much like an old friend.  There are some wonderful passages, not least the Storm that has been practising and random Andrew LLoyd Webber References.  And that’s one of the reasons I really love Terry Pratchett, the random asides the humour inherent eeverywhere and the fact that there are so many jokes there’s no way to get all of them.  REturning to this book will be a new journey and there will be lots of different things to get this time round that would have escaped thirteen year old me.


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