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December 2019 – Dumpy Little Unicorn
  • Gaming,  Geekery,  Roleplay Games

    Shadowrun Character History

    I was born in Cuba back near the start of the century when the world was just starting to turn properly to caca for most.  One of my earliest memories is ma madre telling Eduardo and I just what she had sacrificed to bring us into the world and how we were a disappointment and her shame. I guess I should explain, Eduardo and I were such disappointments as we were both born dwarven and it was just at the time where we were first generation freaks rather than the kids today. We got stared at a lot as children and I could not help but notice their shame. There…

  • Films

    Frozen 2

    I came to the original Frozen quite late on, I didn’t see it in the cinema but rather watched it with some Disney obssessive friends and apart from Agnes Nitt I don’t think I’ve ever empathised with a character more. I loved Elsa so fiercely and Let it Go has been an anthem for me ever since.  This probably makes me a basic bench but at this point I don’t really care.  I had a moment of glorious catharsis where I ugly cried at Disneyland Paris when Elsa appeared and sang let it go. It touches me somewhere deep in my feels and I’m not going to apologise for that.…