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Playing in the Dark

Neil Gaiman at the Barbican was quite magical.  The concert opened with the BBC Symphony Orchestra playing The Sourcerer’s Apprentice and I can think of no better way to set the tone for an evening.  Neil then appeared and read short stories and poems and sections from his novels.  Amanda Palmer read a poem of his called the Mushroom hunters which was one of the highlights of the evening as far as I am concerned we were also treated to the Lord Chancellor’s Nightmare Song from Iolanthe which is a real treat if you have never heard it before.

The second half opened with one of my favourite pieces of music Ride of the Valkyries (I am totally a basic bench when it comes to classical music, I do love the choons.) It was then followed by a Norse Mythology section and then a section for Terry Pratchett which was lovely especially as the reading from Good Omens was performed (he didn’t just read) by David Tennant, who both did his Crowley and a very good Michael Sheen being Aziraphale. 

It closed with Amanda Palmer singing a nightingale sang in Berkley Square and the Good Omens theme which is a stunning piece of music by David Arnold.

I went home feel emotional and deep which is what I guess words and music do to you.

Jane Hanmer

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