Frozen 2

I came to the original Frozen quite late on, I didn’t see it in the cinema but rather watched it with some Disney obssessive friends and apart from Agnes Nitt I don’t think I’ve ever empathised with a character more. I loved Elsa so fiercely and Let it Go has been an anthem for me ever since.  This probably makes me a basic bench but at this point I don’t really care.  I had a moment of glorious catharsis where I ugly cried at Disneyland Paris when Elsa appeared and sang let it go. It touches me somewhere deep in my feels and I’m not going to apologise for that.

So it was with trepidation when they announced a Frozen sequel with the oringal cast returning to reprise their roles I was wary.

To prepare I’ve been listening to the soundtrack last week and I thought the songs had the same musical theatre quality that shone through in the original.  Into the Unknown which is Elsa’s big number is clearly meant as the companion song to LIG but I think Show Yourself is the song that will loom largest eventually as its where the emotional heart of Elsa’s journey is.

Things I absolutely loved Kristophe’s song lost in the woods is 80s power ballad tastic and has so many visual jokes in it that I was crying laughing watching it. But also points to Kristophe for being the best Disney Boyfriend ever for saying the magic words, I’m here what you you need? And also MY Love is not Fragile.

The story necessarily felt somewhat retconned but I could forgive it that because I liked what they did with what they had, the magic forest the Northuldra, questioning colonialism and the environment. It looked gorgeous and the characters were well developed.

I also have head canon in which Elsa get’s a girlfriend.  Seriously the songs are so queer coded its unbeliveble.

I need to see it again.

Jane Hanmer

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