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Jane's Great Re-read: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Review

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Goblet of Fire is such a long book after Prisoner of Azkaban. It’s like a Peter Jackson adapted Hobbit version of the earlier Harry Potter books.
I am torn because whilst I love all the detail of the world, some of the subplots are weak and don’t seem to go anywhere. There is just so much stuff to plough through. Revisiting it does feel more of a chore than it did the first time. That said the level of information and detail is where a lot of the humour lies and I really enjoy absorbing it all and giggling when I notice something new. The good thing is that I’m noticing new things with each read through and that is a glorious thing. These books do keep on giving.
I still struggle with House Elves vs Hermione and her campaigning vs most wizards blase attitude. It is still extremely problematic. Hermione’s desire for change comes from a good place but she rides roughshod over house elves wishes so it isn’t cut and dry. I think that J K Rowling really is tackling an interesting question over campaigning on the behalf of those perceived as weaker.
This is the book where hormones and adolescence really kicks in. Ron and Harry are both utterly Clueless. And consequently very funny.
IMG_3439And to top it all Lord Voldemort has returned.IMG_3440
My Five things:

  1. Madame Maxime’s Winged Horses only drink single malt whisky.
  2. Rita Skeeter’s article writing is pure poison I can’t help but love her acidity
  3. Snape playing gooseberry at the Yule ball and blasting the rose bushes that are concealing canoodling students.
  4. Moaning Myrtle perving away at Harry
  5. Dumbledore being just as bad ass you always wanted him to be.
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