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Jane's Great ReRead: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

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I’m tackling this in two parts: the first general experience of re-reading for the millionth time and secondly five things that made me tingly warm in a fangirl sense.
I have tried to count up how many times I’ve read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, definitely more than seven, I’m guessing maybe as many as ten I discovered Harry Potter in my final year of University and I was going to be an English Teacher so I made a point of reading ‘kids books’ so that I would have a wealth of recommendations for students (I was exceedingly idealistic even if it didn’t work out for me). I fell in love with the universe, the names, the characters the idea of Hogwarts the amazingness that was Minerva McGonnagall and Neville Longbottom.
Prior to this read the last time I read Philosopher’s Stone would have been more than five years ago. Re-reading this books was like a comfy pair of slippers, every sequence an old friend reassuring and warming. It is still a cracking story, 223 pages of magic.
One thing I noticed was how stilted the dialogue was, even for 1997 it was slightly old fashioned but that’s really the only thing that stuck out. Hogwarts still feels like home and that’s a great thing.
So the five things:

  1. Sirius Black is mentioned and we know nothing more about him until Prisoner of Azkaban.
  2. Deadalus Diggle and his green sparks, it really is one of my favourite names
  3. “You knew, you knew I was a wizard.”
  4. The complete muggleness of the Dursleys.  They really are horrific creations.
  5. The centaurs, half man half horse.  I love the cyptic clues they give.


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