Well hello insomnia

Funny thing going back to the day job after a glorious couple of weeks off is the rising tide of panic and belief that I can no longer do the job.
Thanks brain you really are super special.
My anxiety and its best pal the Fear were in tag team super force last night as I tried and failed to sleep seeing midnight, 1.00am, 2.00am and 3.00am before losing conciousness for the alarm to wake me at 6.30am.
I could do without the insomnia but it has become a pattern that when I am due to go back to work it will kick in with a vengeance.
This leaves me in a less than optimum state for doing stuff at work the following day and completely wiped out.
I wish there was a way to calm self.  In the rational light of day I know I can do my job and well.  I also hate the fact that this has become a pattern. Will have to work on my Sunday night-itis.

Jane Hanmer

Born in deepest darkest Shropshire. Currently living in Durrey. A reader of books, a watcher of theatre and film, a player of board games. Intersectional Feminist Pronouns: She/her

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