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Review: Loki by Melvin Burgess

It is almost like this was written for me.  I am a sucker for Norse retellings.  Doubly so when they are from Loki’s point of view. And this is a retelling of the Norse Myths from Loki’s point of view so obviously I am here for it. 

Loki is always a figure of fascination, as a trickster and purveyor of chaos and often being the villian of the piece. Melvin Burgess here gives Loki a voice and a chance to intepret the norse myths his way.

This is an earthy retelling, bodily functions and plenty of bedroom shenanigans including the weird things that gods of several mythologies like to do of seducing animals.  The narrative voice is jocular and conversational, as a reader, you feel as though you are being brought into his confidence.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.  Its filthy funny and irreverent. 

Loki is published by Coronet at Hodder & Stoughton

You can buy it on or 

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