Subjective Chaos 2020

I am very behind on my blogging this year, I blame starting a new job but here’s the news.  I have been asked to be part of the Subjective Chaos Awards this year and if you want to know more about us and what we are up to please read on.

The rules/aims/guidelines/best intentions

– We will embrace chaos

– We will have fun

– All discussion will be good-humoured

– We do not shout and disturb the other readers

The Categories

– Best Fantasy Novel

– Best SF Novel

– Best Blurred Boundaries

– Best Novella

– Best Complete Series (final instalment published in 2019)

– And now a new category Best Short Fiction!


Works must have been released in the previous calendar year and fit the following criteria

– Published first time in English

– Published first time in the UK

– Published for the first time by a major publisher if previously (within the past ten years) crowd funded or published by an indie publisher

– Published in a substantially revised format (eg from novella to novel)


Nominations took place in January and I will be updating soon with the list but there has already been some strongly worded discussions and a lot of angsting.

The Panel

KJ @crusaderofchaos is a South African book blogger specialising in all things speculative fiction with a particular love for science fiction. He can be found plodding away at the keyboard trying to make words make sense whenever inspiration, work and power blackouts allows. Occasionally he event posts the reviews at

C aka @TheMiddleshelf1 fell into scifi and fantasy at 13 and has been hopelessly addicted since. The creation of web provided the means to talk and share about that with actual people when it appeared so C can be found nowadays at

Adri aka @AdriJjy is a semi-aquatic mammal currently living in the UK, where she divides her spare time between reading, interacting with dogs and making resolutions about doing more baking. She is a co-editor at 3x Hugo nominated fanzine Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together and can also be found on Twitter.

Kris aka @hammard_1987 blogs at and in various venues around the internet. They spend far too much time reading genre fiction and insist on telling people about them. They love trying everything, the weirder the better

Imyril aka @imyril has been reading for almost as long as she’s been walking (with fewer obvious bruises). She shares her FEELINGS and other opinions about fantasy, sci-fi and speculative fiction at There’s always There’s Always Room For One More ( )

Sara aka @SharadeeReads is a blogger at . Morroccan-born French Resident, she’s a fan of kissy and stabby books. Ideally both at the same time.

Matt aka Womble is a book tempter ahem blogger at and is the sweet voice on your shoulder telling you that it’s ok to get a new book. Can also be found on twitter as @Runalongwomble for additional book tempting

And there’s me.  Found here and feeling a little bit out of my depth but here we are. Let’s create Chaos. 

Jane Hanmer

Born in deepest darkest Shropshire. Currently living in Durrey. A reader of books, a watcher of theatre and film, a player of board games. Intersectional Feminist Pronouns: She/her

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