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Welcome to 2020

Ugh I know I’ve been missing in action. I kind of ran out of steam at the end of last year the day job really took over and there were some pesky life moments getting in the way of editing podcasts and making this blog as interesting as it could be.

So a quick round up.  For the first time in forever I did not complete my Good Reads Challenge and, you know what I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  It was a large number, I read very few comics and my personal life had a lot going on.  

This year I’m making some exciting reads which I will be reviewing here and hope to share with you soon.

So I’m currently reading Lady Hotspur by Tessa Gratton which is a follow up to the Queens of Innis Lear and its more Shakespeare this a genderflipped Henry IV/V and I am here for it.  I’ve also been sent a lovely ARC of The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heap by H G Parry which I am aching to start as it looks like a lot of fun.

I still have a podcast and a half to edit.  Anna Smith Spark coming to your ears soon and my end of 2019 round up with @runalongwomble and @liwella.

I have book club to attend this month and this year I am going to make the effort to attend more Super Relaxed Fantasy Clubs because I really really should.

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