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Prepping for World con Pt 2

So Yesterday I wrote about social tips I use to speak to people I don’t know.  Today I’m sharing my packing list because it might help other first-timers.

  • Laptop and charger – for blogging on the go. I’m lucky my current laptop is very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Chargers for phone/ external batteries/kindle cables
  • Phone and external batteries
  • kindle
  • swag to give to people
  • a couple of books I want signing
  • a few small card games
  • note pad
  • small pencil case
  • day rucksack and a tote bag
  • snacks
  • refillable water bottle
  • reusable coffee cup
  • microphones
  • comfortable shoes 
  • medications
  • first aid kit plasters/blister plasters/antiseptic wipes/paracetamol
  • safety pins to help out cosplayers
  • knitting
  • sweeteners
  • toiletries toothbrush/toothpaste/ shampoo conditioner/shower gel/make up
  • a fold-up anorak 
  • clothes ranging from jeans and t-shirts to some nice frocks enough underwear and pyjamas

Have I forgotten anything important?

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