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A Very Harry Potter Birthday

It was my birthday at the weekend and my present was a trip to the Harry Potter Studios.  As you may have read I’ve been a huge Harry Potter fan and I’ve been revisiting all of the books it has been a lovely trot down memory lane I have felt as though I have needed to do for a while.  
My partner Phil decided to spoil me for my birthday and booked us a pair of tickets for the Harry Potter Studios tour.  Needless to say I was bouncing off the ceiling with joy and excitement could be described as a bit of an understatement.

Jane and Phil
We’re very excited to be here

The Great Hall
The Doors to the Great Hall

Having arrived and picked up tickets I burbled and squeed my way round the queue at the beginning and indeed showed myself up to be a potterhead by knowing that Aragog was an Acromantula.  I don’t want to give too much about the tour away but it was rather epic.
I loved that you got to see the great hall in detail, see the house tables and costumes plus seeing some of the props that were used.
If you want to see more of my Photos.  They can be found here at my picasa account. I loved looking at the props it really was incredible to see things rendered in such detail. and I definitely feel like I learnt a lot. I would definitely love to go again and spend more time looking at all the beautiful objects.
Harry’s first Snitch

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