YALC 2019

YALC is something I’ve been meaning to attend for a number of years. I was at a loose end last week so Friday I headed across town to Olympia so experience my first YALC please note that at this point I’m the most painfully on brand for me that I have ever been. My unicorn dress is perfect for the hot sticky weather we’ve been experiencing.

On an adventure

Now YALC is small and perfectly formed it takes place at Olympia at the same time as London Film and Comic Con (LFCC). I spent a lot of time just wandering round perusing books and picking up swag. The main thrust of YALC is Young Adult titles and it supports aspiring authors as well as a platform for trad published to meet fans.

The programme wasn’t very clear and I wasn’t clear how to sign up for things. So I didn’t bother and mainly spent time stroking the books and talking to those brave souls manning the booths. I spoke to some lovely people from the university of Bournemouth and wrote a short story on a post it.

I went with a strict budget because I have world con coming up and I thought I had planned well by taking my beloved Hodderscape tote.  I was woefully underprepared.  YALC goers had wheeled suitcases for their books.

I’m planning to go back next year and be more planned. But this was a good chance to see what its like and get my hands on books.

  • Kingdom of Copper by S A Chakraborty
  • Poppy War and Dragon Republic by R F Kuang
  • The Harm Tree by Rose Edwards

I also nipped round LFCC and ran into some friends.  But when I saw these guys I just had to adopt them and bring them home.

Aren’t they a mood.

They need names though and the suggestion Leave and Remain isn’t going to cut it.  Help a unicorn out?


Look at how awesome this Thor Cosplayer was.

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