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Book Crawl

A couple of times a year I meet up with friends in central London and we head off on a book crawl.

What’s a book crawl I hear you ask? Well if you think pub crawl but take out a few pubs and sub in a several bookshops well then I am sure you can get the picture.  This time we met in the wonderful Waterstones Gower Street where meeting occurred and some book tempting started.  I picked up the highly recommended I still dream by James Smythe and then I spotted Fran kiss tein Jeanette Winterson’s reinterpretation of Mary Shelley’s classic.

Then lunch I won’t bore you with food, but the pizza was lush.

Next stop was Foyles Charing Cross Road where I did some book tempting myself and got a couple of people to pick up Woman on the Edge of Time which is a feminist sci fi classic and utterly brilliant.

I also picked up The Girl who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind by Jackson Ford which I am very much looking forward to starting soon. Remaining hydrated is very important at  this time of year a fresh lemonade before onto our next stop forbidden planet where there was an author event going on and then onto a pub for a bit of a sit down and chin wag.

Finally onto Waterstones Picadilly for a final peruse of books and then rounding off the day with cocktails and yet more chat.  Also plotting.  Much plotting.

More book crawls soon.


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