Cover for The Priory of the Orange Tree
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What have I been reading

Cover for The Priory of the Orange Tree

I have mostly been reading The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon.  It is a brick of a novel.  A real handbag splitter which I why I bought it for my e-reader because carpal tunnel is real and my wrists are not what they once were. I do miss the cover though, I have lusted over the it in shops I just had to be practical and since space is limited I’ve had to make a choice of buying ebooks over print because of space.

Enough about the banalities of the lack of library space in the house.  The Priory of the Orange Tree is a gorgeous novel.  I am in love with it. Magic Trees, Dragons, secret societies of bad ass women who will kill you.  Matrilinial lineages. Queendoms. GET IN MY EYEBALLS. 


In contrast I’ve also read Tade Thompson’s excellent Rosewater, science fiction at it’s exciting best.  Set in Nigeria in future where aliens have already made contact and that the west already messed it up is both honest and refreshing. Strongly written characters whom the reader might not like but can’t help rooting for.  A strong opening to what promises to be a cracking trilogy.  I loved the thriller aspect to the novel as well as the backstory slowly being eeked out to flesh out the narrative. Compelling and beautifully written. 

This novel has just won the Clarke award as well so congratulations to Tade Thompson.


Current reading is the sublime The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison. I have had my eye on reading this for a while and then joined a book club whose first novel would be this.  I wasn’t able to get it read on time, but I am currently half way through and I am loving it so much. It shares some tenuous DNA with a Long Way to a Small Angry Planet in that it is episodic and that it is also has a warmth to it that is very pure and very needed.  Also so much sumptuous details about clothing and hair which if that is your thing, you will love.  As well as the main character feeling like an awkward turtle most of the time but trying to do what he thinks is right is just lovely. 


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