Review: Strike the Zither by Joan He

Oh my word, this was so much fun. A YA fantasy of epic proportions. Both the teenage angst with a backdrop of rebellion revolution and much double crossing.

Where poetry and playing the zither are far more important than the actual fighting. That strategists are a side’s most important resource.

It has everything, yearning, pining, loyalty betrayal found family. Burnt bridges. All told beautifully at a cracking pace where the reader breathlessly wishes to devour the book and see what will happen next.

An array of colourful characters. Whose soubriquets are far more important that real names. Where double crossing is standard and all the more enjoyable for it.

Jane Hanmer

Born in deepest darkest Shropshire. Currently living in Durrey. A reader of books, a watcher of theatre and film, a player of board games. Intersectional Feminist Pronouns: She/her

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