In Fabric

A while back I went to the BFI Southbank to see Mark Kermode live in 3D.  These are great events, they are a bit like a live podcast, Mark recommends films, he talks to people in the industry and its quite a fun thing to attend.

He showed us a trailer of In Fabric which is a Peter Strickland film.


I was intrigued it looked like the unholy mix of Susperia and Are you Being Served.  It was funny in an odd way and my partner and I both agreed that we needed to see this film.

Due to life stuff we didn’t manage to see it together.  I went last Thursday to catch it at Prince Charles Cinema.

I am so glad I did.

This film is weird. I’ve watched a lot of weird stuff in my time but this was just so idiosyncratic and odd. If you’ve watched the trailer you can see just how odd it is. I’ve tried speaking about it but every time the words get twisted and I can only say people need to see this but I’m not sure if I’m just passing the urge to watch this on like a cursed image.

Yes the film is a about a dress that kills people. Nothing is explained.  The look is so painfully 1980s that I felt like I’d travelled back in time.  I loved it for all of its oddness it is also very beautiful. It is extremely uncomfortable to watch in places and I’m told this is very on brand for Peter Strickland.

You should all totally watch this, just so you can flail at me the way I’ve been flailing and failing to talk coherently about it.


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