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I’ve been to a marvellous party

Day 2.  I think I made it to two panels All the Universe is a stage and Gareth L Powell’s reading.  The rest of the time I was soaking up the atmosphere.  This is kind of odd as I felt like I’d done a lot more.  I interviewed F D Lee who is an absolute star and the podcast for that will be out once I get home. I met lots of people whom I’ve only really ever known online and the sheer joy of putting a face to a handle is awesome.

I have also discovered I can network.  I hate the word but I went to the orbit book blogger party and met loads of people thanks to Womble but also more folks that I’ve known and I finally feel like I belong to this tribe and that I have a presence. Folks were interested in the podcast and this just makes me happy.  I want to share good things for good people. 

I’m also trying to learn to pace myself here.  I’ve adopted the zero stress approach of stumbling across everything and aiming to do one panel I must do each day.


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