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Book Haul

My book haul from the weekend

I’ve not been reading that much of late. The pandemic which I was sure I’d breeze through as an introvert has resulted in me hitting the worst reading slump since my mid-twenties.

Not that that has stopped me from buying books. My to-be-read pile has continued to increase despite not having enough focus and I’ve felt guilty because I’ve really wanted to be blogging and podcasting and the energy to do any of it has been lacking.

I have been on a small break visiting friends and got to meet up with @runalongwomble of RunalongtheShelves the book tempter in chief for a chat and an explore of Liverpool and a visit to my favourite Waterstone outside of London at Liverpool One.

I had planned to pick up the latest Joanne Harris both her mystery and fantasy alter egos. I had also promised myself Lucy Holland’s Sistersong especially as I’m more than partial to a retelling of a child ballad.

The rest were all recommendations from Womble.

A Master of Djinn

The Witness for the Dead


The City We Became

A fab haul and I can’t wait to get stuck into these.

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