London Film Festival 2019 pt 1

This was my first real go at London Film festival. Last year I was not organised and only got to see Susperia, this year I’d sorted out a spreadsheet with options and a budget.

Without further ado here are the films that I would heartily recommend. 

Our Ladies, which is a film adaptation of a novel called the Sopranos. It was about young women who were part of a catholic girls school choir and their trip to Edinburgh to take part in a competition.  Really it was about the relationships between the girls and how at 16 you are on the cusp of everything or we are all lead to believe you should be.  I enjoyed it very much, I felt like it owed something to Derry Girls.

Wounds is a very quirky horror film I went to see it because Armie Hammer was in it and I really like the way his roles are so varied because being as good looking as he is he really could get typecast as just a face.  So Wounds contains a lot of body horror and if you are not a fan of cockroaches then I would advise.  I enjoyed it mostly, I was ultimately disturbed by it and I do like a film that does not offer closure so that you can obsess on just what horrible thing you saw and how it will be haunting your dreams. for the next few years.

 I think my most favourite film of all was Little Monsters.  An Australian zombie comedy.  A kindergarten class on a trip to the farm get caught up in the middle of a zombie outbreak. With Lupita Nyong’o as the teacher and Alexander England as a washed-up musician and uncle to one of the kids who are left protecting the class from the horrors.  It made me laugh a lot, it also contains the best version of Shake it Off you will hear ever.  If you get the chance go see you will not be disappointed.

Jane Hanmer

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