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Nineworlds 2017

For the last three years the highlight of my summer has been Nineworlds AKA London Geekfest and this year was no exception. Coming to Nineworlds feels like coming home to my chosen family.
This was my fourth Nineworlds and it began like the previous two with the Icebreaker quiz that my friends and I run. As usual it was attended well and everyone seemed to have a good time. Even if getting things ready was a little bit stressful.
This year I was determined to make it to most of the panels that I wanted to and by and large I did.
The stand out panels for me were: Police and the Supernatural: Law Enforcement Professionals’ View of Urban Fantasy. Promiscuous Unicorns – Depictions of Bisexuality in SFF. The Transgressive Miss Fisher. I also went to Mead tasting which was excellent. A character building workshop and the Whedon Sing along.
I was brave too this year and made a last minute cosplay which kind of became a bit of a hit. For this mild mannered geek became the TARDIS full of Bras and I have never been so overwhelmed with responses to a costume I have worn before.
I spoke to more people this year, made more friends this year. Felt like I was really a part of something and that is worth its weight in Gold. I learned about Takarazuka which is something I really need to learn more about. There was just so much going on that gave me joy, replenished me in so many ways.
And if you were there on Sunday night at Rockband at the end of the Universe you might have witnessed me Sing Chandelier.
Nineworlds gave me so much this year, it is without doubt the highlight of the year.

Me as the TARDIS full of Bras Photo by @lazyhedwig

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