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struggles – Dumpy Little Unicorn
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    Guerilla writing

    Baby steps.  It is how I am attempting to break the ridiculous block I’ve been facing. I am using some new strange and odd methods to trick my brain into being some kind of productive.  One way has been to use my phone.  I was stuck providing my Dad with tech support the other week .  I was at his house for a number of hours before he got home.  I couldn’t settle to read, my brain was buzzing and fizzing with the idea I had been kept awake the night before. It was a strong image and I needed to realise into words.  I’d started the scene at two in the morning…

  • Writing

    Why no nano?

    I’m not doing Nanowrimo this year for a number of reasons.  First the stress I cannot handle the stress of a new job panto rehearsals and committing to writing nearly 1700 words per day for thirty days. Written like that it doesn’t seem many but at the moment for me it really is.  The creative juices that should be flowing are barely rippling in the breeze.  I do know a lot of people who are tackling the marathon that is Nano and good luck to every single one of you, may the words flow from your fingers like dandelion heads in the wind. Part of me wishes I could commit,…

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    Beginnings and Middles

    I’m currently in a bit of a mire.  I should be writing, I should be writing lots but I’m not.  I’m stuck.  The way my life is going is that I have recently started a new job, one that requires me to use more brain in day to day functions than I’ve had to in the past and I simply cannot find the energy spare to write. This is making me anxious.  Writing has been as natural as breathing so when the ability to do so is reduced for whatever reason then I get jittery. Life is ridiculously busy, in addition to work there are rehearsals for a pantomime I…