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Can you help?

I have a friend called Dan. He’s fundraising the last £2000 so that he can replace his ageing wheelchair. I’ll let him tell his story.

Hello my name is Dan and I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This disease means that I can barely walk more than a few steps. I use an electric wheelchair. This is my legs, it allows me to take part in family life, but most of all it provides me with independence. It means I can leave the house, do the school run or go to the woods. With my chair I live, without it I merely exist.
My current chair is now getting to the end of its life and I need a new one. Wheelchairs are expensive and I managed to save up some of the money required but still had a way to go so I set up a go fund me page to raise the last £2000. I am a proud man and I hate asking for help and having to admit that I can’t do something on my own, but on this occasion I have no choice. People have been incredibly generous and I have managed to get the first £600 of the £2000 required through donations. If you think you could spare any money at all then please go to this link and donate. I would be externally grateful and please accept my gratitude. I am a realist however and the pandemic and other life stuff has effected us all, so if you can’t then please don’t worry. Thanks for reading .

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